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Quality affordable EVA products for Orthotic production & more

Podiatry supplies offers quality EVA products for Insole milling, Top Covers and more

Our goal is to provide all manufacturers of EVA orthotics with the best quality EVA for manufacturing standard stock or custom orthotics tailored to your requirements.

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We want to give our customers the best possible EVA supply. With compassion and care, we always focus on quality at an affordable price.

We want to welcome you to Podiatry Supplies where we use our knowledge and experience, which we've gathered in 28 years of working in the industry, to help you with a wide range of EVA and other products. Whether you are in need of EVA milling sheets from hard to soft, 1 component, 2 components, or 3 components, we've got you covered. All materials are selected with care, and we also pride ourselves on our ability to get EVA sheets made in every size, combination, or colour done to fulfill your needs. Since 1995, we have been working in the custom insole - orthotic industry, and we see the growing demand for good EVA at affordable prices.

Podiatry Supplies offers EVA products for Insole milling, Top Covers and more

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Please feel free to email us at info@podiatrysupplies.au
or call us on +61 400 940 839